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To Live 10,000 Years Book


A signed copy from the first printing of To Live 10,000 Years by Danny Goldfield. Note that this book will be delivered 90 days after the project is completed. Please follow the project progress on social media.

The coffee table size book will include the full photography series of 100 photographs. 1 woman and 1 man from all 50 United States, all 100 of them over 100 years old.  Hold this book in your hand and you will be holding over 10,000 years of living.

All income from sales goes towards keeping the shooting going, produce videos and other media, including this book. Thank you for backing and being a part of the effort.



The price of the book is discounted. Thank you for allow 90 days after project is completed for book fabrication and shipping. Anticipated completion is April 2017.

To Live 10,000 Years by Danny Goldfield

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Weight 37 oz