Danny Goldfield Projects

Ready to go

This is my first post for To Live 10,000 Years. I will share many stories from the road in the coming months. It’s a big project but at it’s core, a simple idea.

There is a 100 year-old song titled, When You’re a Long Long Way from Home that will be performed as part of a very modest start ceremony on the steps of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. If the results of To Live 10,000 Years photography are great, maybe they will host a premiere exhibition. That is the dream.

2 centenarians in Maryland are ready to participate. I am looking forward to meeting them soon for photography. There will also be an opportunity for some in-person outreach next weekend at a Mayor’s luncheon honoring centenarians in Richmond, Virginia.

A national television news show with a significant audience size is considering my proposal to cover the beginnings of To Live 10,000 Years. If they choose to produce a story, I expect it will be a unique and and encouraging portrayal of the project’s first strides and first participants.

All the gear is together. This website and social channels are built. There is no doubt I have talked about the project a lot.  I am prepared. It is time to begin.