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First 10 of 100 Centenarians

Photo Essay: To Live 10,000 Years is 10% complete. Made it to Alaska, California, Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, and New Jersey. The following are one photograph from each shoot, the first 10 of 100 centenarians. The process of choosing the final 100 for the To Live 10,000 Years Exhibition series is fluid and there are […]

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Jack in Baltimore, Maryland at 100 by Danny Goldfield

To Live 10,000 Years starts with Jack

I don’t know where to begin with this incredible guy. Meet John Slaughter, the first centenarian photographed for To Live 10,000 Years. He goes by Jack and is a retired Naval Commander living in Baltimore, Maryland.  He rose through the ranks to Commander of naval warships in World War 2. He commanded the presidential command ship for […]

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